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Here I Stand 
Yo! I hope everyone out there is feeling super pumped and cheery and just plain magical! Everything's actually been pretty good these past couple weeks, and i'm super pumped because my family is going on vacation in a couple of days!!! YAY!!!Anna squee 
Let's see..I'm happy to report that I finished six novels in two weeks ( City of Heavenly Fire, The Infernal Devices Trilogy, The Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent). I also saw the movie for TFIOS, and i'm pleased to report that I didn't cry!....a lot!

Now...can we talk about how Isaac in the movie is played by Nat Wolff? From the Naked Brothers Band? When I found out at first I just Racing Girl Emoji (Aaaaaahhh) [V4]Bambi hello XD  ....but that quickly changed into thisRacing Girl Emoji (Nose Bleed) [V3] , this Racing Girl Emoji (Senpai noticed me) [V3] , and then subsided into thisRacing Girl Emoji (Rolling) [V3] .

Another thing! Fans of the Mortal Instruments series! The next two movies will be filmed back to back, so expect a release sometime next year maybe!
And! I heard that The Infernal Devices movie was on the hunt for a director! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! This news is a bit older, though, from April 2013. so it's not really "news" i guess you could call it " fairly olds". But yeah!

There you have it guys! I'll update again later on!
Have a magical day! Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 
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